It’s Official. Doing a Whole30

I started Whole30 on Sunday.  Today is day 4 and I’m doing okay.   I have a game plan for my meals for the week.  I think planning is going to be the key to this whole thing.  Today there was a retirement lunch party for a co-worker at work.   Lots of good Italian was brought in. I had my own lunch and was able to participate no problem. Buckeyes for dessert.  Missing out on buckeyes was a bummer but didn’t bother me for more than a minute.  I did come home and have a sweet potato with a little almond butter on top.  Hit the spot.

There is a guy at work who has decided to do the Whole30 with me.  I was talking about it at an after work gathering.  With a few drinks in him, He said he was going to do it too.  I didn’t take him seriously but he read the  Whole30 website and started on Monday.  I think he is feeling in a bit of a health rut and wants to reset.  I’m a little nervous he doesn’t fully understand what he has gotten himself into but I will support him.  I hope he gets something great out of it.

I’ve read that people have sugar withdrawal and carb cravings in the beginning.  I haven’t had that yet and I was pretty much doing Whole30 last week too.  Even though my official start was Sunday, I’ve been doing this for almost 2 weeks.  I’m dying for some cheese.  I don’t know what that means but I want a big hunk of cheese.  I want to melt in on something…anything.  Actually, I’m going to stop talking about it.

Have you done a Whole30?  What were your cravings?   Do you do meal planning?  Does it help you eat healthier?

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11 comments on “It’s Official. Doing a Whole30

  1. Whole30 is so much easier when you have someone doing it with you! And meal planning is absolutely key!!
    • My partner is already waivering! It's tough for him as he travels for work. I will give him major kudos if he makes it through the process.
  2. Looks like most of what you can eat is the majority of my diet. And I may have given up some of the do not list years ago but I definitely eat sugar in moderation as well as many of the other things on that list. That's the thing, there's not just one way that works for everyone. Can't wait to see how you feel in the weeks to come :)
    • This wasn't super drastic for me either but I did have you make some changes and you always seem to want what you can't have. ha!
  3. I have been eating this way for the past 12 years! I don't see myself eating ANY other way!!! I love it. I completely crave SALMON every single day, lol!
    • That's awesome. If I could get over the need for dairy I could probably do it long term. Who know what will happen? I may love it.
  4. I have never done whole30 but I know when I cut food groups out of my diet, i don't do well! I end up binging on that food group!!! I wish you all the luck in the world <3
    • I think most people are that way. This is really a self experiment for me to figure out of certain foods are causing me problems. I definitely hope to add some thing back after the 30 days!
  5. Omg, cheese and dark chocolate were the two hardest things to give up. I want to do Whole30 again but am stalling -- with Chinese New Year and our lion dance performances, I don't want to miss out on our Chinese food. Excuses, excuses... :)
    • I'm still craving cheese! I feel like I'm counting down the days till I can have some cheese! That's probably not a good thing but I don't care.
  6. […] it with cheese, and baking all that goodness to make a yummy satisfying meal.  When I started the Whole30, I was looking for a complete breakfast that would be fast and could be eaten as I’m running […]

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