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Was it me or did you guys think it was a slow news week, at least in the health a fitness bubble.  Just didn’t find a lot of intriguing things.   Anyway, here’s a round-up of what I read last week.

What did you read about this week?  What do you think of some of these articles?





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2 comments on “Fat Girl Press Room

  1. Re: the fast food article, I think it basically means the food environment for children (and anyone really) is so terrible and fast food is just one part of that. There are "kid friendly" foods which are just junk food, there are snacks provided for pretty much every activity that kids are involved in,kids are heavily marketed to by 'big food' companies (which sure as hell aren't veggies and fruits). It makes it tough for kids to eat healthy with all this unhealthy food readily available.
    • That what I was kind of getting out of it but I was almost getting the vibe that they were giving fast food a "pass" of sorts. Fast food is definitely only part of the problem.

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