Oh, Hey There.

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Yup I’m here.  I guess I took a 3 month hiatus from the funny, little blogging world.  It wasn’t planned but it was the best thing EVER! I got kind of busy and every time I thought about doing work on my blog I didn’t want to.  It was this annoying thing that I felt I HAD to do when it should be something I WANT to do.  I was looking back through some of my posts and realized that I was writing because I thought I had to; because you have to constantly put out content; because your readers won’t return unless you do.  Guess what?  I don’t fucking care.

I didn’t start this blog to have hundreds of thousands of readers, to make money and promote horseshit, and make half hearted connections with people.  I discovered value in myself and changed my life.  I felt some sort of need to share that as so many people out there are in the same boat. So, I started this blog.  I’m a hard core introvert.  I’m terrible with my words.  Blogging is probably the worst idea I could have come up with.  However, I did start it and I have shared some pretty awesome things that I’m proud of.  Here, here, and here are great examples.  Those awesome things got lost amongst a bunch of crap.

So, I stopped.  It’s been great.  Instead of worrying about writing my next blog post, I spent a Sunday afternoon dancing around my living room to bad hip hop music.   I cooked in my kitchen without taking any pictures.  I drank too much beer and ate crappy food.  I went on long bike rides.  I binged on entire seasons of the Sopranos.  I read books.  I did what ever I wanted and I have no intention of blogging about it.

Will I continue to blog?  I think so.  I still have things to say.  My thoughts and opinions are constantly changing.  The more life I live and experience and the more I educate myself, the more I evolve.  I am loving the constant evolution of myself. Change is good.  However, I have no intention of following the rules.  I’m going to do what I want when I want.  It’s my blog after all.  I actually love moments like this when I’m reminded to do my own thing.   I’ve spent my entire life trying to live up to other people’s expectations and doing what I’m supposed to do.  I was unhappy.   4 years ago, I decided I was going to do things my way.  It might mean I go against the grain or do things that aren’t the norm or seems stupid to other people.  I’m just not that into normal.   I’m not into the white picket fence American dream.  Being able to let go of expectations has made me a happier person than I ever imagined. When I look around and think, I’m not good enough; I’m not smart enough; I’m not skinny enough; my writing isn’t good enough; my life isn’t good enough, I have to remember I’m doing it my way.  Didn’t Frank Sinatra say that?  He’s a smart man.

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Discovering Me

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Overhead Squat - crossfit                          Source Photographer

So I recently realized I have muscles.  Yes, I know everybody has muscles but I’m talking the kind of muscles you have when you are lifting serious weight and getting serious strong.  See that picture above?  See my arms?  Those biceps?  Where the hell did those come from?  I saw them for the first time when I looked at this picture.  You see that droopy, flabby fat hanging below my biceps?  That’s the only thing I ever saw before this picture.  This single, little picture completely turned my own body image upside down.

I didn’t realize that I still had such a negative view of my body.  I’ve come a long way but I realize not that I still have a very long way to go.  I guess body image is constantly changing and variable.  It’s up to me to make sure that those variations move in a positive direction.

After seeing this picture, I walked into my bathroom and flexed in the mirror for the first time ever.  It was amazing.  I saw my biceps,  defined shoulders and traps.  I even found my triceps!  I was completely fascinated.  I had no idea!  I don’t know why but I thought fat people could never see their muscles.  I thought my fat self would just have to trust I was building muscle as they would always be hidden under many layers of fat.  I was wrong.

I like being wrong.  I like being strong.  I like discovering me.

Social Media Sunday

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Hey everybody,  I’m co-hosting a social media link up.  Every Sunday is an opportunity to connect with interesting bloggers and link up your own.
Social Media Sunday link up
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It’s that time again friends! Time for another Social Media Sunday!

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Amber @ From ABC’s to ACT’s


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Penny @ The Real Housewife of Caroline County

Guest Hosts

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Marissa @ Looking at the Rays of Grace & Joy


Mandy @ Fat Girl Gone Healthy


Julie @ Don’t Lick Your Sister


Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

Would you like to guest host?

Just fill out this form and Amber will email you to get you scheduled!


As you know Social Media Sundays are a place for you to connect with other bloggers in as many ways as possible, since meeting other bloggers and making new friends is one of the best parts of this online world!

The rules are simple!

Follow your hosts and guest hosts and leave a comment letting us know so that we can follow you back.

Grab the button and spread the word, the more the merrier!

Get to hopping! Check out your fellow bloggers and make a new friend or two!

Most importantly, have FUN!

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Whole30 – Results and Final Thoughts

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I finished Whole30 several weeks ago.  Lots of people have been asking if I saw any improvements with my digestive issues.  I have purposely been putting off writing this post because I’m still evaluating the results of doing this elimination diet.  To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much.  My issues have revolved around veggies and I was supposed to eat more of these than ever on this diet.  I had no idea how my body would react.  Some tiny part of me was hoping for a miracle much like the ones I read in the Whole30 book, It Starts with Food.  I didn’t see any miracles.  I’m still having issues.  BUT I am seeing lots of positive changes.  In no particular order, here is a recap of general thoughts, feelings, and results of the process. Continue reading

Arnold Sports Festival 2014

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I moved to Columbus, Ohio a little over 15 years ago.   It was then that I had heard of this event called the Arnold Classic.  Started in 1989, The Arnold Classic was a simply a bodybuilding contest.  It has become the most coveted contest second only to Mr. Olympia.   Bobybuilding is something that I will never understand.  Even as I have gotten into weighlifting and now have an appreciation for strength, it is still something I can understand.  Many people in the city of Columbus were super excited every year for the Ahhnold.  I always ran in the other direction. Continue reading